On Monday, August 10, 2020, Corvus Belli released the new regulations for its main game Infinity; this new rules will be known as N4, following the tradition of the company. Six years after the release of its latest edition, Corvus Belli, who is characterized by maintaining a constant dialogue with its players, has been fine-tuning the rules of the game to try to keep it balanced (a well-accomplished feature that is greatly appreciated). However, and thanks to constant feedback, the company decided that was time to turn the screw with two main objectives (in my opinion) which were to simplify the game without losing its depth and thereby attract new players.

For almost two years the players have been waiting and they were able to comment on several of the new rules in the different forums, not only general ones, but also for each faction and finally in the week of August 10 to 14, 2020 we obtained many of the answers we seek.

However, as the “hype” does not let us wait that long, the TLG team has gathered a series of questions that the Corvus Belli’s Grand Ambassador Carlos Bostria has kindly agreed to answer for our website, with which we hope that, at least some of the concerns are equally resolved:

Todo Lo Geek: “Mr. Carlos, first we want to thank you and Corvus Belli for the time you have dedicated to us to conduct this interview in Todo Lo Geek at this time of great expectation from the Infinity community; Without further ado, I hope you agree that we move on to the questions:”

TLG: “What motivated you to take the next step in the structure of the game/rules, we mean, from N3 to N4?”

Carlos Bostria: “It was very necessary. Every game is losing players while accumulating expansions and becoming more complex and unfathomable. The need for order was pressing. In addition, after all these years with the “ARMY” (The online tool that allows you to make army lists) we were aware that paper books are a sweet product but digital assets allow control over the rules and the goal of the game that we should take N4. That is why from now on the physical format will not be valid over the digital one”.

TLG: “We already understand the reasons why you decided to move towards N4, which leaves us with a somewhat more complex question, understanding that the system of rules and costs of each model (weapons, skills, profiles and types of troops, among others) should work like a fine cog, what were the criteria you used to create the “condensation” of rules that N4 became?

CB: ”Less is more.” N4 is a very, very continuous edition of N3, but we knew that you could have the same game with a lot less rules and superfluous layers of complexity. It has been a job more of “cutting here and there” than adding new and wonderful ideas. Yes, a bit of innovation came with the labeling and the format of the profiles in order to make the experience more fluid”.

TLG: “Infinity is a wargame that you can play comfortably with a friend in your living room listening to music and laughing, taking your time to decide what to do on your turn and calmly reviewing rules, likewise the game has a very interesting level competitive (ITS, Interplanetary, local tournaments), how do you expect the reception from competitive players to be? “

CB: “Competitive players provide essential feedback. They are the ones who stress the system to the limit. When they abuse some type of troop or skill, when the statistics of the tournaments point towards something, they do us the great favor of finding symptoms and thus being able to diagnose “diseases” in the game.

Don’t ask me which is the most powerful army in N4. The answer to that question will come out after a year of tournaments, at Interplanetary 2021, where the most competitive players will have squeezed the matter to purify the competitive nectar. We just give them the tools to put their sharp wits to work”.

TLG: “With N3 we had excellent expansions that brought us new rules, new profiles, weapons and new stories; There are cases in other games where these add-ons feel forced, seeking, let’s say, “attack” the consumer’s pockets. Do you plan to continue expanding the world of Infinity with regular add-ons or do you expect them to come organically?

CB: “There are things that have not been included in this first N4 book that we believe would provide for a hypothetical expansion within a year, but… ‘Less is more’.

Before boring people with “wonderful ideas” I think it is best to analyze the meta of the tournaments and identify things that we do not like before adding unnecessary noise”.

TLG: “Will a Human Sphere come for N4?”

CB: “I hope NOT with that title. In its day I did not like “Human Sphere N3″ as a title it sounded very boring. “Daedalus’ Falls” something more dramatic is cool.”

TLG: “For all players, the background of the army with which they play and of course the world (understanding it as a whole reallity, the place in the cosmos) is very important, with which I have been able to see how, for example, in world events that are registered through the internet (such as Asteroids Blues, which was the last one), the players adopt the role of their nations by endowing them with personality. With the background being so important in Infinity, why did you make the decision to move forward five years in the game’s timeline? I mean, why not ten or three years…”.

CB: “Well, actually, Gutier Lusquiños, (the writer-mastermind-showrunner-George-Lucas of this madness) has been transforming the universe little by little with the last three books.

  • UPRISING- generated the independence of the Japanese against Yu Jing.
  • 3RD OFFENSIVE- I intensify the Paradiso front already announcing a future defeat.
  • DAEDALUS’ FALL- It involved the fall of the Tohaa, the rise of the triumvirate and panic in the Human sphere before an unstoppable Combined Army.

All these steps were part of N4 in the background. An increasingly agonizing situation for humanity that is losing ground and planets to Evolved Intelligence. And there will come a time when humanity must make moral decisions and this divides the factions and also the fans who most “role-play” their belonging to this or that faction”.

TLG: “We have seen that new abilities have been added, for example, to command tokens, have new rules been added to the basic rules that we already knew or have they only been modified as necessary?”

CB: “” Less is more.” It has been difficult to choose things to mark as new when the great effort has been to refine the game until we were left with his heart in hand.

TLG: “Much has been said and rumored about changes to the rules concerning miniatures, but little (or perhaps nothing) regarding the environments in which they move, which leads us to wonder: have they been made relevant changes compared to the rules related to the terrain, interaction with the scenery and others?

CB: “In principle, very few changes to that aspect. The terrain and scenery rules have always been there and are rarely used by players. They are very funny, thematic and narrative. The campaign players, the more “role-playing” players, like them a lot, but we pay too much attention to the competitive players who only want unstoppable bursts XDXD”.

TLG: “It is normal that in such widespread games there are miniatures or even armies that fall into disuse, or that even, due to fluff or renewal, it is changed, modified or eliminated, in this way, are sectors or miniatures going to disappear with the arrival of N4?”.

CB: “First, vocabulary must be taken with great care in this regard because a lot of nonsense is said. It is one thing to totally erase an army, its profiles, its legality in tournaments and its miniatures (which CB has NEVER done) and another is to have it available in the army, playable and its miniatures out of production.

What we do know is that stores and distributors cannot manage/sell/work with a catalog of 999 different products. There is a limit. So you have to choose which army is in the catalog and which one is “barbecho” (a Galician expression used for farmlands that rest for a while).

We have more than 40 armies and not all can have their moment. There will be seasons of White Banner, Winterfor, Starmada, Tunguska, TAK and there will be seasons of Kosmoflot, Corregidor, Military Orders, ALEPH and someday Qapu Khalqi, Merovingia, Tohaa… but to get there you have to row a lot and there will always be some aggrieved among the more than 40 armies that we have competing”.

TLG: “In that order of ideas and taking advantage of the output of N4, will there be modifications to the troop profiles/abilities/cost-of-points for the existing miniatures?”.

CB: “Yes, of course. In some it will be subtle and in others it will be more spectacular. There are even plans to alter armies in 2021. One day a button is pressed, the Army is updated and BOOM! Well now this army has won XYZ. The players will complain about, they will celebrate it, they will discuss it… We have been like this for 15 years”.

TLG: “Since we currently have armies with five sectors and others with two or one, Starmada for example, do you think in the future to manage the number of sectors per army, making there more parity?”

CB: “I sincerely believe that the ideal number is 3, as with Nomads. One in “barbecho” and the other two in “Active”. Having as many sectors as PanOceania has generates tears because you have a neglected child.

We had there a Starter and some really cool 3D miniatures of Acontecimento that had to be left out of the catalog. Someday they will return, they were perfect, but the market sends us very clear messages and we have to adapt. We don’t want to die for not knowing how to manage this, we want INFINITY to even reach the future it describes”.

TLG: “From Todo lo Geek we understand CB products as an ecosystem: everything interacts with everything, being part of the same reality, so we have to ask: with the exit of N4, will the other products be affected by rule changes (Aristeia! or defiance)?”.

CB: “I think rather that Defiance has influenced the N4 miniatures release somewhat because given the great success it had, unlocking its stretch goals and expansions on Kickstarter, we now have ZTL files to draw from to get a new Shinobu Kitsune or Cassandra Kusanagi. There is where I see some relationship”.

TLG: “Taking into account that players lately have uploaded so much content for Tablet Top Simulator (especially due to the world situation), how do you see the future of Infinity in virtuality?”.

CB: “The TTS guys give us a little scared because you never know where the internet is going to go. Suddenly, people started playing Aristeia and Infinity on TTS using the photos on our web pages. Let’s see… we want people to play our games, yes, but we also need to sell miniatures.

The good thing about this is that it has served for people to enjoy during the quarantine; they have even mounted a very beautiful online campaign.

And from here I send a greeting to the people of the Infinity TTS, Vaulsc and his collaborators, they discovered to me the Zephyr3D program with which I can now photoscan the painted miniatures and make 3D animations with them. incredibly useful for promoting STARMADA and everything that will follow”.


TLG: “Is there any glimpse of light regarding some medium or long-term medieval fantasy product?”

CB: “I can’t reveal anything about that wonderful project yet.”

TLG: “Any book you want to recommend?”

CB: “BETRAYAL, the new INFINITY graphic novel, of course.”

TLG: “If you could have some super power, what would it be and why?

CB: “Teleportation like in “Jumper”, you could get a lot out of it”.

TLG: “Mr. Bostria, thank you very much again for your time.”

CB: “A pleasure.”

We hope that you have liked it and that some of the doubts that have existed among the community have been cleared up. Once again Thanks to Carlos Bostria and Corvus Belli for their time and collaboration.